John Deere Plow


Old JOHN DEERE F120 3-Point Mounted Moldboard Plow 3-14 Farm Tractor NICE

Ready to go to the field John Deere F120 3-point mounted 3-14 moldboard plow. In great shape with no cracks, breaks, or repairs anywhere on it. It is missing the front coulter but this should be pretty findable. The points and moldboards have lots of life left in them and are replaceable when needed. Everything

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John Deere 3 three bottom plow 3 point hitch Trip

Used John Deere plow. 3 Plows on it, Trip type, they haven’t had a reason to trip n years. Bar for rear wheel was broken and welded by previous owner. Its pretty big, and heavy. I dont know the cat. Of the hitch, will measure the bars if need be. Adjustment lever is bent, its

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