John Deere Plow


John Deere 1200A Sand Trap Rake Front Plow Infield Groomer TEXAS

This listing is for a used John Deere 1200A sand trap/ Baseball Softball infield rake. This unit was used for years at our local complex and will be replaced by a new unit in the following weeks. The condition of this unit is working as far as starting with a new battery, drive, reverse. The

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John Deere 322 Tractor and plow and 3 pt hitch like 318 332 316 317 mower

I bought this at an estate sale a couple months ago… I’ve always been drawn to the 300 series deere’s and have had several… However I really don’t need this. I did plow a couple times this winter with it and it runs/ sounds good. The hydro is very tight. Lights work, tires hold air.

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