John Deere Plow


International Plow 531 3 bottom Three point moldboard John Deere Minnie Oliver

It looks in fair condition. It is used and does have some wear but will still plow. This is a 3 X 16 Plow If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. This has all three of the sod cutters. The wear parts do show some wear but it still looks

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John Deere JD No. 30 1 Bottom Breaking Plow 950 1050 Cat 1 3pt Hitch

John Deere 30 1 Pan Mouldboard (Moldboard) Integral Plow. 3 Point Hitch Mount with Category 1 Pins. Made for Tractors Such as 950 , 1050 Compact Tractors and similar sized machines. Could probably be used with any brand tractor of similar size. Used in Good Overall Condition. I have means of easily loading onto your

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