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John Deere 4430 And 3955 Switch Plow


John Deere 3945 Switch Plow 4 Bottom Reversible Moldboard 4 Extra Moldboards

John Deere 3945 Switch Plow 4 bottom. Reversible Moldboard with 4 extra M. In good working condition. 3 pieces moldboard 25” mold boards, hydraulic pivot, three point hitch, plow depth 14, Rated for 95 to 140 hp tractor. YOU MAY BE SURPRISED AT HOW INEXPENSIVE IT IS TO GET SOMETHING YOU WANT LONG DISTANCE! MANY

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John Deere 4430 And 3955 Switch Plow


John Deere 975 Reversible Tillage Plow 3 bottom switch plow

John Deere 975 switch plow. I believe this plow was never used as you can see in the pictures the wear items appear new with only surface rust. The hydraulic cylinder rod has rust, and the rod should be replaced or just replace the whole cylinder. The hydraulic hose couplers should also be replaced before

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John Deere 6 Bottom Switch Plow 995

John Deere 6715 Plowing A Field John Deere 975 3 Bottom Switch Plow