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150 Case Road Locomotive X Eliminator 67 000 Lb Pull Sled


150 Case Plowing With 50 Bottom John Deere Plow Andover Sd 2022


Case 150 HP Steam Engine On Dyno


150 Case Road Locomotive Pulling 44 Bottom John Deere Plow New Record


150 Case Steam Engine Pulling 44 Bottom John Deere Plow


150 Case Steam Engine Plowing With 36 Bottom John Deere Plow


Case Semi Mount Plow 4 bottom Three point moldboard John Deere Minnie Oliver

It looks in fair condition, this is a plow we used, but we no longer plow enough to keep a plow this big. It was used last year to plow some for corn. It is used and does have some wear but will still plow. This is a 4 X 16 Plow If you have

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