John Deere Plow


JRB 10 ft. Hyd. Angle Wheel Loader Snow Plow Blade Case John Deere Komatsu Iowa

Heavy Duty Factory JRB Snow Plow. Will fit on any brand wheel loader with JRB 416 style quick attach. Must have auxilliary hydraulics for the tilt to work, has the flat face hydraulic couplers. 10′ wide with bolt on cutting edge. In good shape except a small crack down by the cutting edge (see pic).

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Moose ATV UTV Plow Mounting Bottom Mount John Deere Gator XUV 550 12-15

Quick-connect mounting hardware allows easy hookup and fast removal. Universal, heavy-duty push tube withstands the roughest use. Blade swivel constructed of 3/8? ” steel with 20″ blade attaching points for greater blade support and strength. Open swivel eliminates dirt and snow buildup in the pivot point. Five blade swivel positions and four-way blade pitch adjustment.

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