John Deere Plow


Antique JOHN DEERE Sulky Plow Hitch #A1263

Antique JOHN DEERE Sulky Plow Hitch #A1263. 7/8 diameter front hole. 1-1/16_ diameter rear holes (next to loop). The elderly owner/ farmer told me what it was so that’s how I listed it. It is a 150 yr old family farm.


Vintage John Deere Plow Works Factory #7203 Employee ID Pinback Badge Antique

Really high quality early John Deere Plow Works employee badging with ID # 7203 has no paint in the foreground but features black text on a silvery badge. This employee badge more than likely came from Waterloo Iowa where there was an original Plow Works John Deere factory. This came in as part of a

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